My mission is to dye luxury yarns of great quality, being mindful of sustainability and affordability, so you can create your own collection of exquisite treasures.

My business has been born out of a love of knitting and history. The colourways are inspired by my visits to Britain’s historical houses, museums and gardens. I love nothing more then spending my free time wandering around these grand places, imagining who the artisians were that built, painted and created these wonderous things for us all to admire, and enjoy: inspiring our own creativitity.

Upstairs yarns at down stairs prices; I am hoping to price my products so that everyone can afford to knit with yarns that bring joy. No offers, no free shipping, just reasonable prices.

I have always loved the mindfulness of knitting and other crafts. There is never a day that goes by without my participation in some sort of crafting.

I run a knit night where I have taught others what my Nan’s and Mum showed me, but I am always learning new things and different techniques. My first memory of knitting was when I was a small child and I had spent the day with my Nan learning to knit. I must have been about 6 or 7. Back home at bedtime, my Mum caught me knitting in bed when I should have been sleeping, so my project was confiscatied immediately. But did that stop me?No! I had a another ball of yarn so cast on a new project on my felt-tip pens. I created a nappy for my tiny tears doll. It was full of holes and in a bright red acrylic but it brought me such joy. Nothing much has changed and the addiction is on-going. I still knit way past my bedtime, when I should be sleeping!

Enjoying your crafting, Emily                                                                                                                                                              



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